Are You a Facilitator or Creator?

Understanding the difference between these two words, that in the Direct Sales or MLM industry are so IMPORTANT, is something that has taken me many years to truly master.  On the surface these words seem similar, but there is one VERY DISTINCT DIFFERENCE and that is the concept of MAKING things happen versus HELPING things […]

Correlations of Your Business and Young Children

I like the solace and separation from technology on long international flights. It gives me a chance to reminisce and reflect on my thoughts and actions of the past several days. It also allows me to sit down and jot down some of my realizations after the reflection time. I had an amazing time with […]

Honesty Is The Best Policy

As a leader interacting with thousands of people and lots of personalities I am often faced with situations that force me to make a decision about telling the truth or telling someone what they want to hear.  People that work with me know that I would rather tell someone the truth than to tell someone […]

How to Use Social Media to “Social Network”

The key to mastering social media for your business is to understand a very simple philosophy: “Friends first, recruit later.” Remember this, and you’re on your way to getting the most out of a network that spans continents and connects millions of people worldwide. If you want to build your brand, image, reputation and ultimately […]

The New Orleans Saints Predicament

The Saints finally won their first game this last weekend, and although I am happy about the fact that they finally got a win I think it is a great opportunity to talk about one of the most important lessons in business that the New Orleans Saints have helped illustrate.  I am not sure whether […]

How to Maximize Your Own Blog

I thought since this was going to be my first post on my new blog I would talk about elements of improving your blog. In my book “NetEASY Marketing” I have an entire chapter on building your online brand, and I think blogging is one of the most important tools that you can utilize, no […]