Wes Melcher has been an entrepreneur from early childhood, starting three businesses before graduating high school and over a half a dozen since then. Wes has consulted for both start-up, and established companies domestically and internationally. He has trained and coached in excess of one million people across the world over the last 25 years in sales, business, marketing, branding, and recruiting.

Wes co-founded a travel company in 2005 that became one of the largest companies in the history of the Direct Sales Industry. That company was became the largest Travel Club in the World, and did over 4 billion in revenue with almost 1,000 employees and over 3 million customers in 30+ countries. Wes is a sought-after social media influencer, speaker and trainer in Direct Sales, Network Marketing, Real Estate, and Business. His first book “NetEASY Marketing” was released in 2012 and hit Number One on the Amazon Best Seller List in multiple categories.

Wes took time away from the Direct Sales Industry from 2018-2021 and created a large portfolio of short term rental properties in the US and Mexico. His business was one of the top Property Management companies on AIRBNB and his properties performed exponentially higher than all of their competitors. Wes was also a sought after speaker and trainer in the Short Term Rental Real Estate industry based on all of his fast success.

In 2022 Wes took his knowledge of Travel, Vacation Rentals, and Direct Sales and created a Custom Travel Platform for an existing company, and that platform was the fastest growing of its kind in the world. His new concept generated over 20 million in revenue in just under two years. He realized while doing this that it was important to create a stand-alone company that could fulfill the ambitious goals and dreams that he had for the Travel, Lifestyle, and Entertainment Industries. So in 2024 the idea for Bryte Lyfe was born. Wes has assembled an all-star cast of people to help make these goals and dreams a reality and his vision is for this to be the BIGGEST and MOST SUCCESSFUL COMPANY IN THE TRAVEL/LIFESTYLE MEMBERSHIP INDUSTRY.

Wes currently lives in the Dallas Texas area, with his daughter Jianna.