Correlations of Your Business and Young Children

I like the solace and separation from technology on long international flights. It gives me a chance to reminisce and reflect on my thoughts and actions of the past several days. It also allows me to sit down and jot down some of my realizations after the reflection time. I had an amazing time with my daughter this week, and anytime I get a chance to really sit down and observe her childhood innocence it inspires me to live more, and love more. The way she gets excited about new things, and the way her face lights up with new experiences and discoveries is contagious. Everyone around her smiles when they see her energy and enthusiasm. It challenges me to continually try to give her new experiences, and teach her about all of the exciting things around her on this amazing planet. Children love trying new things, and they are fearless about most first time endeavors. It is very easy to draw correlations in the innocence of a new child and the innocence of a new team member or distributor. In my book “NetEASY Marketing” I talk about how simple it is for you to get your new team members to follow direction because they are brand new and their excitement and enthusiasm are as high as it will ever be in my opinion. Your representatives will never be more excited than they are when they are brand new. It is as if they are a young child in a brand new world, and everything they are experiencing is completely new and invigorating. YOU MUST capitalize on this very unique and time sensitive opportunity. If you allow the newness to fade from your brand new distributors it will become a constant struggle of trying to get your stubborn representatives, who think they know the best course of action, to actually listen to your instruction and advice. The only way to keep the opportunity new and exciting is two ways:
1. Constantly try to teach your people new things that will expand their thinking and continuously challenge them in a positive way. This can be anything from personal development, to stimulating conversations, attending major events, spending time together, or trying to make sure their personal goals and desires are being met. I go into major detail on all of these topics in my book.
2. Creating success for someone is an ABSOLUTE way to keep someone excited, engaged, and committed to your business. You should think about the time that someone has spent in your business as an hour glass. If the sands run through to the bottom side of the hour glass it will be the end of their commitment and enthusiasm. The good thing about this hour glass is that you can constantly add sand to the top so that it never completely runs out. The best way to do this is to make sure that person is constantly experiencing success. This can obviously be done many ways, but the most important thing is that you make sure their business is growing, and their income is growing. Most people will feel fulfilled if they are reaching their goals, and if they are watching people in their organization experiencing success as well. So you need to keep an eye out for any lulls in production or results. Lack of activity or results can be deadly for your organization, and it is up to you to create more results for them.
Mastering this concept is the difference between being a “Facilitator” or “Creator.” In my next blog post I am going explain the difference between these seemingly similar words that can have all the difference in the world on creating massive results in your business.